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KEBABOS’s tasty, healthy and happy FOOD!

    Our meat is farmed
in Moldova

All Kebabos meat has met high standards of food safety and animal welfare here in Moldova. That’s why our meat is not only tasty, but also happy and healthy!

   Delivered FRESH, never frozen!

As all our chicken and beef meat is farmed in Moldova, it is delivered fresh (and never frozen) every day to our restaurant.


   Marinated for 24 hours in a special sauce
To give to you the great taste, our meat is marinated for 24 hours in our natural Kebabos Sauce. It  contains NO preservatives,  NO colorants and NO artificial flavours, so it’s totally natural and healthy!

  Doner grilled, never fried!

Our chicken and beef meat is grilled (based to our specific taste and choice) on a Doner. That's why:

 ♥ Our food saves all the vitamins and minerals.

 ♥ The meat is resulting in lower cholesterol.

 ♥ The fat content is reduced.

 ♥ The meat gets a great taste and flavour!